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Katy Perry, the best-selling artist in 2018, earned $ 83 million

Katy Perry is at the top of the Forbes Prize in the category of Best Artist of the Year! The American singer has made less than $ 83 million in concerts and sales. According to sources, Katy would even get a million dollars on the show.

Taylor Swift officially rejected Forbita her rival Katy Perry, The artist earned $ 83 million in 2018. All thanks to the promotion of his new album, a witness. He had over 80 concerts in the United States and Europe, and he received at least one million dollars for each show. The singer has made money from the talent show in which he was an oath.

Taylor Swift so it's in the second place, with $ 80 million. Only 3 million less than Katy Perry. The star has sold over two million copies of his Reputation album in 2018. But he lost his first place in Forbes because he had almost all the concerts next year.

Beyonce third in the Forbes rankings. The artist, whom we admire millions of women, this year won $ 60 million. Much of the money is due to appearances at the Coachella Festival and its new album released with Jay Z in June.

The fourth place, on the list of top-selling artists, belongs to him pink with $ 52 million. Then an artist follows Lady Gaga who has earned millions of dollars thanks to a new movie, "A Star is born".

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