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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hire a third child for six months for Archie's baby

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already been in the third babysitting for Archie's baby in six weeks after the first two women stopped working for them.

Meghan Markle has lost an impressive number of employees since May 2018, from the wedding to Prince Harry – including a bodyguard, a private nurse and a private secretary.

It is not yet known whether these two volunteers went voluntarily or asked to leave, British press reports.

Royal roles say the decision to choose Archie's sister is "deeply personal" and "depends on the needs of a child and a parent".

"There are often different needs needed at different stages of a child's life. The first nurse was a nurse, "sources told the British newspaper Dukesima.

Early June, a third British woman was busy taking care of baby Archia. They would ask the new nanny to sign an overwhelming contract.

"Meghan wakes up at night, several hours, to feed Archi. Meghan did not go to the gym, did not rush back to physical form before. She has no strict exercise. They enjoy motherhood, "said quoted sources.

Personal assistant to former Sussex, Samantha Cohen, told Meghan Markle she was a very tough guy with whom she worked hard. Cohen left office after six months.

Another help from Markle, Melissa Toubati, aged 39, resigned at the end of 2018. French help played an important role in the success of the royal wedding. He dropped out of the post after he "had too much to carry".

The source told Mirror: "He was under too much pressure and he was too much, and he had a lot to endure." Meghan asked him a lot and made him cry. "Toubati used to work for Robbie Williams.

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