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Mihaela Buzărnescu won in the first round of Limoges

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Mihaela Buzărnescu, the main favorite, defeated Mandy Minella, 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, on Wednesday, in the first round of the WTA tournament in Limoges, France, with a total prize pool of $ 125,000.

Mihaela Buzărnescu, WTA 24., bowed two hours ahead of 111 players in the world hierarchy. The Romanian will get a check 847 euros and one WTA point for participating.

Buzărnescu, attacked Minella coach

Buzărnescu was the first round only the one who saw his way to US Open 2018 because of Michael. In fact, Buzarnescu did not retreat from New York until the drawing of the main picture; was replaced by a happy loser, Mona Barthel. If he had retired before drawing, Buzărnescu would replace Minella.

After this episode, athlete athlete in Luxembourg, Tim Sommer, was criticized by a Romanian. He argued that it was all a maneuver for Michael to cash half the amount of money for players developing at the inaugural US Open tour.

"When Mihaela Buzarnescu was injured in Montreal and wrote on Twitter that he could not play at the US Open, I thought Mandy would be in the picture. When I got to New Haven, Michael was still on the start list. WTA and I was told that Buzarnescu was in New York and was trying to come back. He also wrote on Twitter that I asked the doctor and our physiotherapist whether it was possible to play with the affected ligament and told me there was no chance for six to eight weeks until go back to normal.I contacted again WTA, and I do not seem right when you have a diagnosis and you know you're injured to join the ""said Tim Sommer for SpoX.

According to the rules, athletes who retire before the tournament receive half the amount, and the other half goes to the luck of the loser. Therefore, Mihaela Buzărnescu, who did not play any games in New York, won $ 27,000.

Monica Niculescu and Ana Bogdan won

Ana Bogdanthe fourth favorite, i Monica Niculescu, favorite pet, qualified for the eighth in Limoges. Niculescu (31, 78, WTA), the fifth favorite, was forced into an hour and 49 minutes of play in front of a weaker rival, Tom (23) on the rank number 156.

The main favorites in the double are Buzărnescu and Niculescu, who will meet on Thursday Czech Republic Petra Krejsova / Jesika Maleckova.


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