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"Mysterious" operating system will not replace Android

Huawei wants to keep Android on its mobile phones, and Hongmeng's own operating system, which is run by a Chinese company, is actually industrial and will not replace that Google, said the vice president of the Asian mobile device manufacturer, according to the China News Agency news agency.

After the US government imposed sanctions on Huawei, Google was forced to announce a number of limitations in terms of updating the Android operating system for future devices manufactured by a Chinese company. In that context, the press speculated that Huawei would leave Android and move on to its own operating system, Hongmeng, which is still in development since 2012 in Shenzen.

However, on Thursday, Huawei's Vice-President Catherine Chen made it very clear to reporters that the "misterial" operating system within the company is not about it.

She said the operating system was recently sold as a Hongmeng "for industrial use and actually began to develop much earlier than the current talk about finding Android alternatives," Chinese journalists write.

Huawei also said that the operating system for smartphones contains tens of millions of lines of code, while Hongmeng contains much less – only hundreds of thousands – which is very safe.

In addition, the Hongmeng system has very low latency compared to the smartphone operating system, Chen said.

Despite the fact that the US government placed Huawei on a black list, the Chinese company plans to continue using the US operating system, according to China Nine official Chinese state agencies.

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