Sunday , January 24 2021

Netflix has conducted an experiment by which the commandments were given a look

As an alternative to using the touch screen management application, Netflix has conducted an experiment by which the controls are given a look, writes

Twice a year, Netflix organizes what it calls "Hack Day," a conference in which company engineers come forward to present their ideas on how streaming services can develop from a technical point of view.

Three of them, Ben Hands, John Fox and Steve Henderson, made the Eye Nav project. If implemented by Netflix, it will allow users to control the lookup application.

The mobile device follows the view of the user and moves the virtual pointer to the screen. When a user's pen prints for a while in one place, the commands are opened, just like pressing a finger on the screen.

Three engineers believe that full functionality requires the so-called. Gesta, because some actions can be achieved faster than moving the eye.

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For example, stopping a movie or abandoning a category of content could be achieved faster with that gesture. Netflix engineers have chosen the language for such commands, but "attraction" could be equally easy.

The experiment was made on iPhone, Apple's smartphone already possesses technologies that enable it to work this way. Three engineers have turned to ARKit platform functions, created by Apple for enhanced applications and games for realities and Face IDs.

It remains to be seen if and when enterprise managers consider it appropriate to import this functionality into Netflix's application.


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