Monday , September 23 2019
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New anti-smoking laws begin in May

10 packet cigarettes and 10 and 20 g tobacco packs will be totally banned, which will increase the price.

Moreover, Mongolian and fruity flavors, candies, spices, herbs, alcohol and vanilla flavored tobacco will be included in the ban to discourage future smokers.

"Cigarettes are already expensive, and rising cigarette prices is a key factor in smoking cessation," said Amanda Sandford, spokeswoman for smoking and health spokesman at Liverpool Echo.

In an attempt to make the smoking less attractive for younger generations, the attractive branding of the package will also be forbidden.

New packages will only show a standard font along with graphic images of smoking related diseases.

Beginning on May 21, each package will be a greenish color called "opaque couch," the worst color in the world, according to the advisory team that the Australian government has hired to find the least attractive advertising for its recent packet rules.

This will also affect the myths that lighter color packages are less harmful due to lower tar content.

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