Newly discovered malware on Android also survives the factory reset: What is xHelper?

When you have malware or a virus on your phone, you resort to the extreme solution you can give factory reset, A newer one seems to have emerged malware which does not disappear even after the phone is reset. Find out below.

xHelper is the name of new software that is not necessarily intended to steal personal information. Instead, it still serves pop-ups with ads from which attackers make money. But it is also a more serious feature: sometimes it downloads and installs applications without you knowing it. Malware cannot be uninstalled or removed in any way, even with a factory reset.

Cyber ​​security companies Symantec or Malwarebytes believes that the application manages to "stick" so well to the phone as it compromises the system application. System applications are usually reinstalled after a factory reset, but the malware somehow seems to compromise one of them. The only way to avoid this is to download and install applications only from authorized and trusted sources.

xHelper it was first discovered in March but expanded by more than 32,000 terminals by August. He had 45,000 infections at his last check. There are currently about 131 new victims a day, most of them in India, Russia and the US. The infection source is a series of redirect pages for sites with host Android applications.

More details can be found here.

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