Friday , April 23 2021


Launch Nokia 9

Nokia 9, The launch date of this new model of the phone has moved ahead with HMD Global, which seems to have prepared the phone much faster than it hopes a few months ago. Although Nokia 9 has been certified for release since the beginning of this year, it has not yet been released, but according to some data today, it seems that by 2019, it will come to the hands of consumers around the world.

Nokia 9, In September, they postponed the launch date for a new phone, with sales scheduled for March, but it seems to have moved on for January. The Mobile World Congress 2019 should have been an event in which Nokia 9 was supposed to be presented, but it seems we can see it at CES 2019, or at worst, somewhere in February but still, we are talking about a good change for fans.


Nokia 9, The phone was initially delayed because HMD Global did not consider the phone to be well-prepared for launch, but things seemed to have changed. In the video above you can see the Nokia 9 video presentation made on the basis of the production sketches of the phone, so as clear as possible that the launch is instantaneous with fast pace, which is quite normal.

Nokia 9, We expect to see the 5.9-inch diagonal screen, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip and 8GB of RAM, so the phone will benefit from the latest hardware that is separate from Android 9. If Nokia 9 is indeed contained in January or later in February , we can expect to be launched in February, or at least in March, but for now it is not clear and how much it could stand

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