Tuesday , January 26 2021

Paula Seling met with Pope Francis: "I'm left without words …"

Paula Seling had a chance to meet him, in her body and in her costumes, anybody except … Pope Francis! The joyful singer shared joy with his fans. (Videochat studio Bucharest offers a guaranteed salary!)

This week, singer Paula Seling had a meeting that marked her for life. The artist had a chance to face Pope Francis. The star has admitted to his fans that he has won emotions and did not misunderstand, but the Soviet Pope gave his album. (READ OUT: PAULA SELING AND ITS WOMEN ARE INTENDED FOR KNOWLEDGE BOOKS, ARTIST AND FRIENDS ARE ENJOYED IN POPULAR COSTUMES)

"How can I not share that great joy with you, but how can I tell you what I felt when I was speechless?" "I met Pope Francis at the Vatican this Wednesday." I gave my album, "Filled with my heart, and I can not do much." I hope my singing, my joy, to talk to him, the feast of the sun, to everyone, peace and joy. ", wrote Paula Seling on her Facebook account.

Paula Seling will have 40 years at the end of this year

Paula Seling was born on 25 December 1978 in Baia Mare. In 1997, the star graduated from high school "Gheorghe Şincai" from his native city, and then to Upper Journalism in Bucharest. He also studied singing and piano. The talented artist was married in 2009 with Radu Bucur. (VIDI I: THIS IS PAUL VERIFYING POSSIBLE CHILOGRAMS! SPECTACULAR METHODS OF ARTIST)

"I and I are great people today and realize how important it is to accept, as the soul of a soul develops throughout life, love is also developing through it as a balance between mind, soul, and body. There are people who claim that marriage is also endangered. But the use of that word depends on the perspective and the way you manage the intersection of compromise and commitment. (The best video chat studio in Bucharest employs)

For many years, I have avoided talking about our relationship for the same reasons that, by loving and understanding the fragility of a flower, do not let it fall into the wind and the dust, no matter how beautiful it is, and even if your sense of fulfillment can mislead it,, Paula Seling said in an interview with journalists in okmagazine.ro.

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