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Prince William, Kate Middleton and rumors that have become a huge scandal

Weekly British tabloids were rumored that Prince William was unfaithful to his wife, Kate Middleton, with one of her best friends, Rose Hanbury, when the British Duke was a pregnant third child, Louis reports, El Pais online.

It seemed that only rumors before this week were published pictures that might prove Prince William had a co-relationship. Here you can see how the Duke of Cambridge and his wife's girlfriend are together at a party, and in one of them, William seems to lean and love Rose Hanbury.

It all started last week when The Sun reported about the conflict between Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury. According to the paper, the Duchess will break up friendship with Rose and her husband David Rocksavage, Charmmondeley Marquis. The two were neighbors Norfolk, where Sandringham is one of the royal family residences. William would like to create things to keep the two pairs in good relations because they live close to each other and have common friends, but Kate said he no longer wanted to see them, he told reporters. anonymous source.

This alleged adventure would be the real reason for the separation of two brothers, William and Harry, and not the alleged misunderstanding between the two brothers, Kate and Meghan Markle, as they have believed so far. According to the tabloid, Harry would harshly arrest his great brother, accusing him of "destroying his family". Unbelief has ruined our childhood. How can you have an affair when you have three children? "He would. The inheritance of the British successor and Diana de Welles unfolded after the prince had made a mistake with his former girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles, his current husband.

What began as a simple rumor took on scandals.

To the extent that the British royal family decided to act.

According to The Daily Beast, Cambridge's Ducal Lawyers and Rose Hanbury filed a lawsuit against the tabloid of the Sun for libel.

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