Sunday , February 28 2021

Role of Families and Experts in Combating Diabetes

Without giving specific symptoms for a long time, diabetes can be diagnosed relatively late. Even if there are some signs that things are wrong, the affected person and family do not understand as soon as they are. Afterwards, diagnosing a family member with diabetes is perceived as a disaster. At the same time, for doctors and diabetes experts, taking new cases is a routine. In order to resolve this conflict, both the patient and the family need support.

Diabetes is a chronic state of disabling that develops many complications if it is not properly disposed of. Disease can occur at any age: children, young people, over 40, future mothers with gestational diabetes. These differences also have a different impact on the way those affected are continuing their lives. For most diets, glycemic testing, timely remedies and proper injection of insulin are part of daily routines.

"Diabetic experts are those who set up not only treatment, they also help in counseling on lifestyle adoption that will keep the disease under control." Type 2 diabetic person, once diagnosed, enters the strict practice decided by the diabetic. "Therapeutic education supported by the educator Diabetes with nutrition information, importance of physical effort, glycemic monitoring, information and education on the use of glycemic monitoring devices and injection therapy equipment is necessary. At the same time, all information provided by diabetes doctors on additional research, biopsies, cardiology, neurological, ophthalmic, thorough examination of the feet, enter the first examination of a newly diagnosed diabetic patient, "says Dr. Gabriela Ileana Cretean, Head of Department for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism of Disease at St. Ivan Novac in Suceava.

On the other hand, family and friends play an important role in establishing and maintaining an adequate way of life over time. Since establishing a healthy, healthy meal that does not exclude a person from diabetes from the table to determine the physical activity they can do together, there are many ways you can be with your loved ones.

For all interested diabetic experts from the Diabetes County Center for Emergency Hospital Sv. Ivana Nove Suceave, together with the Federation of Diabetic Associations in Romania, are organizing a free blood glucose test campaign on Monday, November 12, 2018, in addition to risk assessment and specialized advice on healthy eating or proper diabetes management.

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