Thursday , February 25 2021

SOC premiere for Leo Messi in Barcelona! He saw the RED CARD for the first time! The absurd reason for removing the Argentine star

Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao met in the final of the Spanish Super Cup!

The Catalans lost the final to Bilbao, in a match without history, which did not pass without incident!

Griezmann opened the scoring in the 40th minute and de Marcos equalized two minutes later. The same Griezmann scored for 2-1 in the 77th minute, but Villalibre hit the Catalans in the 90th minute, leading the game in overtime. Inaki Williams scored the winning goal in the 94th minute.

The overtime was extremely intense, with at least two controversial moments. Garcia fouled De Jonga in the 106th minute, the Bilbao player headed in directly in front of the Barcelona midfielder, but did not see a warning from the center.

The highlight of the match was in the 121st minute, when Leo Messi was eliminated, for the first time in his career in Barcelona, ​​after 753 matches in which he never received a red card. The Argentine hit Villalibrea in midfield after a Bilbao player tried to annoy him, and Manzano showed red to Leo after checking the phase with VAR.

Leo Messi has seen two more red cards in his career, but both in the Argentine national team. The first in 2005, on his debut, in the match with Hungary, and the second in 2019, in the Copa America match with Chile.

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