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Sorin Cârțu, angry: "There are people at FRF who have nothing to do with football!"

Sorin Cârţu, 63, president of Craiova University, is upset that the Romanian Football Federation has responded negatively to his club's request to increase the number of reserves to 9 players. The officer attacked the FRF with sharp fear.

"There are people at FRF who are not involved in the sport. I don't know that having a coach, having more players available during a match means more options. Who doesn't know, I know what it means to disappoint a player who doesn't even take a reserve bank. People who they don't know the sweat of field work or the smell of the locker room. ", President Oltenes said in an interview with Radio Sud, who again expressed his dissatisfaction with the U21 rule:

"The criterion must be value. Always! A young footballer must understand that a team is valuable, not because of a situation. So, we should make a rule like this for 28-year-olds or 30-year-olds.".

Sorin Cârţu says that because of the U21 rule, Craiova was forced to book striker Elvira Koljić in the last match: "It's not right to keep a player of your value on the bench because of such a rule. The future is seen. As soon as it's introduced, the game has increased.".

The Professional Football League announced two weeks ago that Craio's representatives had asked for an amendment to the Rules of Organization of Football Activities, regarding the number of players who could be passed on the ballot. More specifically, the Oltenians wanted League One teams to have 20 players on the player list, two more than they can now (18).

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