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Synthesis of the day. Augustin Lazar, a protocol with the judges

Mihai Gâdea presented on Thursday "Synthesis of the Day", a new documentary bomb.

The protocol was signed by Augustin Lazar in 2015, a year before he became chief prosecutor, with Alba Iulia's judges of the Appellate Court.

"The Albalux prosecutor handed over the Albalux court and concluded a co-operation agreement. This is an anomaly because the court has its role in lawsuits, and the prosecution in turn has its role.

According to this document, the Prosecutor's Office, Mr Lazăr, is obliged to submit to the Alba Iulia documents of the Appellate Court, which means that they have given, but in return Alba Iulia the Appellate Court is obliged to provide the prosecution with access to documents and the ECRIS system, that is, things that did not have to come under the prosecutors' eyes are necessarily real-time, "explained Bianca Nae, head of the Antena Investigation Department 3.

Documents in the file include all documents that are generated in the ECRIS application: closing of sessions, divorce decisions (sentences, decisions), procedural documents, defendants / witnesses and scanned documents (requests for court orders – indictments, complaints, appeals, appeals, correspondence, written notes), acts carried out during the criminal prosecution and are transmitted by the Prosecutor's Office to the Alba Iulia Appellate Court, in accordance with section 3.2 of the Protocol.

Documents that had until then access to the judges of Alba Iulia's Appellate Court are very easy, thanks to this protocol, available to State Attorneys Augustine Lazar.

"But as more and more indictments have been made recently, unlimited access to ECRIS application was just a" hook "used for intensifying co-operation between prosecutors and judges, as they came to other protocols such as the one signed by Augustin Lazar," emphasizes journalists from the National, who presented the document for the first time.

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