Tesla adds support for the Romanian language in the latest software update and brings Disney + into its cars


Infotainment system from Tesla It is known for its diversity, having control over everything related to your electric car. You can make funny seat noises, change the siren sound, or even play while waiting for the batteries to recharge. More recently, you can watch your favorite series in the Theater area, and Disney + is available to you today.

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Elona Muska has just added a service Disney + in the streaming area through software updates. This is not the only available and available streaming platform Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Twitch. There are also some that are missing, like HBO Max or Parmount +.

Now Disney + also appears on this list with update 2021.24 which comes bundled with other extras. An example is how “Car wash”Which will provide a car wash. Once activated, the door will lock, close the windows, deactivate the wipers, as well as the sound of parking sensors.

There’s also an auto-save feature for the built-in camera through which clips will be automatically saved when the vehicle detects an event such as a collision or airbag deployment. Clips will be saved locally, and we also have an auto-dimming feature for mirrors.

More battery details appear, and the Wi-Fi connection will remain active in drive mode. The novelty that concerns us is introduction of support for the Romanian language for Tesla UI. Other languages ​​such as Russian and Hungarian also appear here.

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