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The fight of PRO PRO and Antenna 1, again in the foreground. How Las Fierbinți is ranked

Antenna 1 and Pro TV have been battling for years to win over as many viewers as possible. Year after year, new productions appear in which the representatives of the two television stations have high hopes for the audience. On Tuesday night, Antenna 1 made law with the Chefi show in Cuțite, to the detriment of the Pro TV series Profu, but failed to beat the Las Fierbinți series.

Antenna 1 and Pro TV fight for the audience. Las Fierbinți sets the tone

Nationally, over 1,564,000 viewers watched the Chefi Culinary Show in Cuțite. The audience was larger than that of Pro TV by the Profu series, but also by MasterChef. On the other hand, during the broadcast of Las Fierbinți, Pro TV was the market leader.

The Chefi show in Cuțite did not start very well in the evening, as it was broadcast on Pro TV by Las Fierbinți, which always keeps viewers with their souls in their mouths. The comic series averaged 2.4 million viewers per minute. In the same interval, Chefi in Cuțite had an average of 1.5 million viewers.

After Las Fierbini, the Pro TV program aired the Profu program. While Antenna 1 had 1.5 million viewers per minute, Pro TV did not exceed 1.2 million. The TV show was watched by MasterChef, which was watched on average by 700,000 people per minute. During that time, 1.2 million viewers watched Antenna 1.

Chefi la cuitite is a Romanian culinary show, first aired on March 7, 2016, on Antenna 1. The show is moderated by Gina Pistol, with a jury of Sorin Bontea, Florin Dumitrescu and Cătălin Scărlătescu. In 2017. Chefi knives, has been named the best entertainment show at the Radar Media Awards.

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