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The first Samsung Galaxy phone now has 10 years; This is the history of the Samsung GT-i7500

Today is a special day for Samsung, which is a decade when it comes to symbiosis with Google and Android. June 29, 2009 Samsung Galaxy launched, both Galaxy, without S. You know it as a Samsung GT-I7500 and we have the details below.

Samsung has risked a lot by launching a mobile terminal with an experimental OS that is still in the back. Based on the Linux kernel and causing a duel between iPhone OS and Windows Mobile. I think I would not overdo it if I said that this first model was born by hundreds of variations of the Samsung Android phone. GT-I7500 appeared on a 3.2-inch 320 x 480 resolution display screen and even then had the AMOLED display.

Samsung I7500 Galaxy

It uses a 528 MHz, 128 MB RAM and 8 GB storage processor and 5 MP camera. He also had a few physical buttons below the screen and the navigation mechanism in the middle. This phone started with Android 1.5 Cookie and has been upgraded to Android 1.6 Donut, the latest official user. Galaxy S should only come in 2010 and launch the dynasty of the leading Samsung company.

Samsung quickly positioned itself as a market leader, first in the Android area, and then globally in the smart phone segment. The beginnings of the Galaxy range were chaotic, with half a dozen versions of the same device that the operator on the US or global territory looked different. Because Galaxy S3 has come up with a more coherent strategy.

We can not wonder what Samsung would do without this model and how much billions of dollars would now regret, just as Microsoft recently did. Or what will Google do without Samsunga as a partner …

Meanwhile, I remind you that we also have a retrospective for the first Galaxy S here:

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