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The importance of technology in our lives represents most of these news, taking into account the discovery of the content that is provided to the general public. Such a novelty is the emergence of a new Samsung folding phone.

The patent recently filed by Samsung confirms the intention of the manufacturer to offer a folding smartphone with the same principle as Huawei Mate X, but overlapping is done outside. According to recent announcements, Galaxy Fold is just the first model in a row of three folding smartphones belonging to the Samsung brand.

The new phone case will consist of three elements, and two parts will be connected to the center of the mobile device via a flexible segment. So, it is possible to get the same result as Huawei Mate X or the look of a smartphone that overlaps outwardly. The advantage is that, like Mate X, the device will be thinner without a third screen on Galaxy Fold. On the back of the mobile phone there is also a small clip to lock the mobile tablet mode.

In fact, Samsung would hesitate to launch this mobile phone before Galaxy Fold. So far no one knows what an ideal design for folding smartphones. It is currently experimenting with Samsung.

The manufacturer is aware that many of these models will not be successful, but believes that these failures will help find the right device, and this is a compromise that is devoted to it. In addition, as far as folding screens are concerned, Samsung could offer its customers another model by the end of 2019 or early 2020. It seems to be a folding model like the Motorola Razr, but with a folding screen.

Presented by Samsunga at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Galaxy Fold can be the first model in a row of three folding smartphones. However, it seems that Huawei offers even cheaper versions.

Unlike Fold, one of the two Samsung's smart phones could be equipped with the principle of overlapping the interior, as is the case with Huawei Mate X. At the same time, it is about the appearance of the third model of the Samsung phone. which bends vertically. Additional information from industry experts shows that the Korean company has sent Apple folding screens.

However, two historic enemies remain strong partners as Samsung has some models of screen phones. It seems that Google has received samples from Samsun with these folding screen models. However, Samsung's achievements can encourage Apple or Google to make their own cell phone overlays models.

Although new models of such phones are emerging, Huawei does not seem to want to give up its exorbitant price, which seems to be the most successful mobile phone overlay model in the current model. It seems that the reason for the high price is quite strong: the design of the Mate X collector system lasted for three years, and production costs were significant.

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