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The new Ford Puma SUV combines seductive design and efficiency! – Bistritan

The new Ford Puma SUV combines seductive design, the best seating capacity in the segment, and the performance of a mild hybrid system.

  • Ford reveals the sporty and athletic design of the new Ford Puma SUV. The seductive exterior is a new chapter in Ford's anthropocentric philosophy of design.
  • The genious storage solutions that will offer the highest load capacity in the segment are some of the innovations that have been developed through customer discussions.
  • The advanced Ford EcoBoost hybrid 48-volt technology will increase fuel efficiency, performance and driving pleasure.
  • Intuitive technologies include Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go; new warning technology to local hazards; wireless charging "True Color" 12.3-inch digital cluster

The new Ford Puma introduces a new chapter in Ford's attractive design style, including recognizable optic blocks and athletic, aerodynamic lines. The compact dimensions of this SUV offer a high ground clearance for reliable driving experience and maximum payload in the segment: 456 liters.

Outstanding performance and optimized fuel consumption are delivered to Puma's customers using 48-volt Ford EcoBoost hybrid technology. The slim-hybrid drive system integrates electric torque with a 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder EcoBoost low-friction petrol engine that delivers a peak of 155 hp.

Advanced technology to help the driver provide a simpler and less stressful driving experience include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Start & Stop function, speed sign recognition and driver-centered centering without any motorway or traffic areas.
  • A new local hazard information system can inform the driver about dangerous road conditions before they become visible to the driver or the vehicle.

Puma is also the first vehicle in its segment offering a manual boot lid and massage chair in the lumbar section.

"Customers have told us they want a compact vehicle that stands out in design but also offers solutions to everyday life. The result is the new Ford Puma – charisma, practical with technologies including massage chairs and mild hybrid engines, "says Stuart Rowley, president of Ford Europe.

Puma joins an expanded range of SUVs and Ford crossovers across Europe, including Fiestu Active, Focus Active, EcoSport, Kuga, Edge and the new Explorer's plug-in hybrid. SUVs now represent more than 20% of the Ford Ford's sales vehicles in Europe. Sales of Ford SUV vehicles rose in Europe by 20% in 2018, with more than 19 percent.

Puma will be available for sale at the end of this year, and will be produced in exceptional quality and professionalism at the Ford Craiova factory after the investment started in 2008, which is now almost 1.5 billion euros.

The challenging design meets top performance

Stylish, sporty and seductive, the new Ford Puma combines Ford's B-segment architecture with optimized mid-range spacers and gauges that SUVs offer.

Puma has a hairline roofline for an easily recognizable individualized silhouette and follows the trend of retractable ceiling SUVs but offers a harmonious design with a horizontal horizontal line that allows balanced proportions. Ford's design team has developed areas that attract the viewer's emotions and are accepted in a balanced position of the vehicle.

The created lines continue along the Puma site, accentuated wing bosses that enhance the sporty character. The expressive front offers optic blocks in the form of "kanua", which stand out through a complex interior design and are located at the top of the wings.

The fog lights are set just below, integrated in the front air diffusers that drive the airflow in the front wheel to reduce turbulence and improve aerodynamics. Optical blocks extend to the front grille, giving Pumi a bold, aerodynamic design and a "friendly" front.

Increased proportions were further enhanced by the "floating" design of the front pylons. The seemingly unbroken connection between the central line of the windscreen and the windshield base puts the virtual cab mass at the rear of the car, providing a powerful, recognizable and elegant silhouette.

The new Puma is offered in several distinct personalities, including the sporty Puma ST-Line and the elegant Puma Titanium, which reflects customer preferences.

Puma Titanium has unique Pearl Gray 18-inch aluminum rims and chromed grilles, thresholds and fog lights. The air diffuser and the rear protection feature a metallic tinted side, and the edges of the side windows are finished in glossy black. Inside, the Puma Titanium offers an ecological leather steering wheel with wooden panel inserts and top-of-the-range textiles on the sides of the door.

The Puma ST-Line, inspired by Ford's performance division, is equipped with 18-inch (optional 19-inch) aluminum alloy wheels and sports suspension with specially fitted springs and shock absorbers. On the front side, the ST-Line grille has a matte black tint, a black black frame, a fog lamp, and an optional electronic roof hatch.

The undersigned lower wing ST-Line elements direct air to air intakes. Inside, the Puma ST-Line has an upright base and red seams – it's also available on additional leather and textile seats. The aluminum pedals, the aluminum gearbox and the typical black black lining enhance the sporty look.

The 10-color exterior color palette includes the shades of Blazer Blue, Frozen White, Race Red, Solar Silver, Agate Black, Lucid Red, Gray Matter, Blue Desert, Magnetic and Metropolis White.

The Puma-in seductive design combines with a practical SUV appearance, supported by an innovative baggage handling solution that solves common storage problems. Puma offers the best luggage space in the segment: 456 liters.

Flexible luggage space can easily accommodate a box of 112 cm in length, 97 cm in width and 43 cm in height, with rear seat folded back.

Developed to meet the demands and exceeded the expectations of those who want the luggage compartment, Puma comes with an innovative customer-designed storage solution and offers a versatile luggage compartment that can accommodate two sacks of golf in the upright position.

The section offers a capacity of 80 liters in a 763 mm width, 752 mm long and 305 mm deep, and can accommodate luggage up to 115 inches high in a vertical position. It can also be used to store dirty sports equipment or Wellington full moon boots, while the synthetic luggage compartment and drain plug at the bottom make it easy to clean with water.

Innovative and hospitable

The innovative and luxurious interior of Pume is conceived as a sanctuary in which owners can take control of the pressure in everyday life.

The front seat pumice, the first with lumbar massage in the segment, revitalizes tired muscles and contributes to more relaxed movements. The three-balloon balloon system has three intensity settings and an adjustable rolling direction.

The front seats feature a design that maximizes the knee area of ​​the rear passenger, while the rear seat design is designed to improve car entrances and exits. The driver's seat is also adjustable by height.

In addition, the panoramic roof with the total opening, which consists of two reinforced glass windows, create a more spacious and astounding feel for the passengers.

Thanks to its innovative features, drivers can be on-going with work and social life, and include a wireless charging area for smart phones while traveling. By removing the need for one of two Puma USB ports using a charging cable, the area underneath the control panel detects compatible devices for automatic charging.

Devices can stay connected via Bluetooth with the SYNC 3 infotainment system while using wireless charging, allowing Puma drivers to control connected audio devices, navigation and smart phones using simple voice commands. The system offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ compatibility at no extra cost, and is supported by a 8-inch slider-centered, touch-sensitive central touch screen.

Integrated FordPass Connect technology turns Puma into a mobile WiFi access point that can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. The system has numerous options available through FordPass mobile applications, including the vehicle locator; Vehicle status, which allows fuel level check, alarm system status, engine oil life, and more at any time. Door Lock Opening for remote access in car and remote start, feature dedicated to 7-speed automatic transmissions. **

Available on Pumi, the B & O Sound System sound system is designed to provide the ultimate audio experience, regardless of driving conditions.

The 10-acoustic enclosure system incorporates an external 150 mm and 200 mm external subwoofer integrated into the trunk without compromising luggage space and providing refined bass. At the same time, positioning high-frequency speakers on the control panel is optimized to produce a wider range of seat-level sounds, resulting in an exciting audio experience for all travelers. The system starts up a 575 W digital signal processing amplifier that controls the equalization and mixing of the sound, including the selected background sound.

In addition, the fully configurable 12.3-inch digital cluster enables drivers to customize and prioritize information display, including driver and satellite notification technology. The cluster uses free-form technology to provide curved upper edges, resulting in a unique interior design. The free format solution integrates the circuitry into the screen, allowing designers to form a screen in atypical shapes that come out of a pattern of traditional rectangular design.

Also, 24-bit color digital "true colors" create more intuitive images and show detailed high definition icons that use the full range of colors, making them lighter, easier to read and less eye-catching.

Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.

Emissions: Of 124 grams CO2/ Km; Estimated consumption: from 5.4 liters / 100 km

* Consumption of declared energy / fuel, CO emissions2 and electrical autonomy is measured in accordance with the technical requirements and specifications of European regulations (EC) 715/2007 and (EC) no. 692/2008 with subsequent amendments. Fuel Consumption and CO Emissions2 are listed for the version, not for all versions of the model. The applied standard test procedure allows comparison between two different types of vehicles and different manufacturers.

In addition to the fuel efficiency of a machine, maneuvering capabilities and other non-technical factors play a role in determining fuel / energy consumption, CO2 and electrical autonomy. CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

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