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The young man entered the shopping center in Braila. The man would be drugged

UPDATE 15:08: The driver who entered the Braille shopping center was under the influence of alcoholic drinks. According to the police, the young man in the exhausted air had an alcohol content of 0.37 mg / l of alcohol, writes Obiectiv Vocea Brăilei. Investigators say the aggressor will be tested to determine if drugged.

UPDATE 14.30: The balance of the shocking incident in Braille has risen to ten. Seven people were injured at the Braille shopping center. Earlier a man killed a man and injured two pedestrians on the city belt.

"Seven people were injured at the Braila shopping center, including five adults and two children aged 11 and 13. The victims took over SMURD emergency aid and four VRS ambulances and traveled to the Emergency Unit. a separation machine, "spokeswoman Stefan Stoyan told ISU Braila.

Witnesses of shocking scenes said that, shortly after the incident, he called: "There must be blood in this country!" A man was recorded by a witness as he lay on the floor.

UPDATE 14:15: The 20-year-old who entered the Braille shopping center was arrested by the police.

"A 20-year-old boy from Braile, after a man's confrontation with a car, was murdered by a killer in Cazas district. Later, he went with his car to the city center, where he entered some of the pedestrians, continued his journey to the parking lot where he entered the group people. He was arrested, "informs IPJ Braile, according to Romanian television.

Investigators are doing research to find out if a young man is taking medication before he is on the run.

"It is not yet known whether he used anything before the ride, police are doing research on the spot. The fact is that a 20-year-old man escaped from an accident site but was caught by police," said spokeswoman IPJ Braile Laura Dan, quoted by by Mediafax.

The case of ISU Braila, the five was injured after the young man entered the mall. From the first information, some of the victims are in serious condition. Five men were injured, two walkers hit the ring road, and two people came to the parking lot.

Aggression began at the Braila Border, where a 20-year-old suspect escaped a man and then stole a car, reports.

The aggressor then drove several streets of the city and broke several cars.

After that, the individual entered the door of the Brăila Mall shopping mall, where he hit more people at the shopping center parking lot.

We warn you! Pictures have a strong emotional impact!

In March 2017, the frightening driver entered a group of nearly 60 people at a factory break in Bascova, Arges County. One employee died and five others were severely injured as a result of violent influence. Also, in April 2016, the five men died while they were waiting for a bus to Braila after they had been beaten by a driver.

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