Sunday , January 24 2021

Time is hurt! Romania, covered by the EXTREME phenomenon. Specialists are NUCLEAR

On Monday, temperatures have dropped by two degrees Celsius, and meteorologists say the values ​​are approaching the climatological level we are in. However, during the day we will still enjoy the sun in the west, the center and the north, and the southeast. On Tuesday, weather is very cold, especially in the south and east, where rain or rainfall will occur, with the risk of poplar being released.

According to the idiots, the sky will cover the clouds early in the morning, but also at night. Maximum temperatures do not exceed 12 ° C, three degrees less than the previous day. However, nightly temperatures are three degrees higher than Sunday nights, reaching 7 degrees Celsius. Winds blowing 9 km / h from NE, and 12 km / h from NE. Also, there are possible precipitation in the night, but rain has not been released. The temperatures continue to fall over the next week!

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