Wednesday , June 23 2021


Representatives of ISU Vâlcea said that after the accident someone was hurt and the victim took over the ambulance and was transported to the Emergency Unit of the Vâlcea County Hospital.

"There are only one victim, a passenger in the van, who has traumatic brain injury and possibly internal injury." SMURD crew provided first aid, and the victim was transferred to the VSA ambulance to be transported to the UPU Vâlcea, "spokeswoman ISU Vale Octavian Fulger said.

According to the police, an incident was caused by a cab driver, who did not adjust the speed to the wet road and turned in its direction.

Traffic in that area was interrupted in the direction of Sibiu-Râmnicu Vâlcea to enable traffic agencies to conduct investigations to accurately determine the circumstances in which the accident occurred and traffic continues as soon as the representatives of IPV Valce, Agerpres, are completed.

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