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Two Dacia models in the top 5 sales at European level in August 2019

The good results recorded last year are the result of the introduction of WLTP regulations in September 2018. This has led to the mobilization of manufacturers to market as many models that did not have WLTP approval. To understand this effort, let’s just mention that sales in August last year were 30% higher than in August 2017.

Therefore, the results of August cannot be considered negative, neglecting the special conditions that created the results of last year, this year we are talking about the best month of August in the last 10 years, a total of more than one million cars sold.

In terms of country rankings, though the comparison between August 2019 and 2018 may seem troubling, only four of the 27 countries saw a decrease compared to August 2017: Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland.

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Although SUVs continue to be preferred by customers, their volume has decreased by 3% to 407,700 units. The only two segments that recorded a positive result were city cars (+ 3%) and sports models (+ 15%). However, in 2017, the SUV segment had a market share of 30%, while in 2019 that share reached 38%. Other registered categories are down compared to August 2017.

The good performance of the SUV segment was also achieved by the sale of Dacia Duster at the European level. Duster occupies second place overall after VW Golf, with 19,451 units sold in Europe in August. In third place is VW T-ROC with 18,262 units sold.

One thing is for sure, diesel engines are still losing ground. If two years ago, diesel engines had a 42% market share, it fell to 35% last year, reaching 30% this year. Electrified vehicles – BEV, PHEV and HEV – are gaining in popularity, reaching 7.8% market share in August.

There are approximately 83,700 electrified models on the market, with hybrid versions accounting for 56% of the total. 23,200 electric models were registered, with the Tesla Model 3 being the champion in the 5,219 unit segment, followed by the Renault Zoe with 2,894 units and the BMW i3 with 2,582 models. The HEV segment is powered by a 9,146-unit Toyota Corolla, and the PHEV class has half the Mitsubishi Outlander polo with 2,405 units.

Source – JATO Dynamics

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