Saturday , January 16 2021

UEFA has reviewed preparations for EURO 2020! When Selling First Anniversary Tournament Tickets –

UEFA has sent its representatives to the inspection of the preparation of EURO 2020.

Together with the local organizers of the City Hall and the mediation of the Romanian Football Federation, representatives of UEFA have discussed intensively about the 18 projects of EURO 2020, such as stadium management, viewer access, match ceremonies, accommodation capacities, safety and security of the team and viewers, regimes, media content, volunteer engagement and others.

At the viewer's transport, UEFA has pointed out that local authorities have launched a mobility plan, and the first bus lines of public transport in the new EURO 2020 fleet have arrived in Bucharest. This version will be the main means of transportation from the airport to the center of Bucharest, and it is possible to connect the railway from Otopeni to the North Railway Station as complementary. UEFA will also monitor the road infrastructure modernization and public transport optimization efforts undertaken by the City Hall in Bucharest.

As far as air traffic is concerned, representatives of UEFA have checked the facilities of two airports, "Henri Coanda" and "Aurela Vlaica". Interviews with airport management were held in several rounds of meetings, based on the 64-page documentary covering the requirements for EURO 2020.

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At the end of the visit, Florin Sari, organization manager for the local organization EURO 2020 in Bucharest, said: "It was a complex visit to many of Bucharest's preparations, making progress on a daily basis, and cooperation with UEFA is permanent, not just during business visits, and we are looking forward to the sale of EURO 2020 tickets in Bucharest next summer. Arenas 14, 18, 22 and 29 June 2020. "

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