Tuesday , April 20 2021

UPDATE. BUSU radio! ACTION IS FORWARDING. How is Florin Busuioc feeling now?

UPDATE 2: A successful operation was completed by actor Florin Busuic under the Craiova Emergency Hospital.

According to spokeswoman for the hospital Cristina Geormaneanu, the actor is now out of danger, physicians performing a minimally invasive stent setting operation.

"The operation was a success, the stent was mounted, and now the patient is not in danger. With regard to other details, my family does not allow me to make any statements. What matters, however, is that everything was fine, "the spokesman said, according to MEDIAFAX.

UPDATE: Actress Florin was taken to the hospital and subjected to stent surgery, his condition was good. Then, initially, doctors at the County Hospital in Craiova. even tried to transfer it to Bucharest, but that was not possible.

Florin Busuioc is in the Philharmonic Hall Oltenia in Craiova, where he participates in the Central Park show.

The star started to feel bad on the stage, writes Libertatea.ro.

Emergency aid that went to the site provided him with first medical care and was then transferred to the Emergency Unit of the Parish Hospital in Craiova.

It appears from the first information that the doctors tried to transfer it to Bucharest, but that was not possible because the situation was not yet stable.

The actors on the stage with Busuiocom followed him to the hospital. They said the condition of the actor was serious.

It seems that the time manager needs a stent, so doctors are preparing to work tonight. Only one Craiova doctor can do it because he is on the way to the hospital. The doctor would help the other emergency surgery fellow.

Raed Arafat confirmed that Florin Busuioc suffered a violation

"Yes, SMURD has intervened, she has been revived and is now in hospital, currently at the County Hospital Hospital in Craiova," said Raed Arafat, Head of Emergency Department for Mediafax.ro.

Raed Arafat tries to find a military helicopter to drive him to Bucharest.

The head of the Department of Cardiology would close the phone, and was summoned by a young physician, Paul Tracac, who, at the time of the announcement of news notices on entering the surgery room, placed his actor's stent, according to Stiripesurse.ro.

"I confirm that Florin Busuioc suffered a heart attack, but I do not know exactly what he is, but I know he has been alive and his condition is not good." I will return with further details, "said Cristina Geormaneanu, hospital unit spokeswoman.

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