Sunday , April 11 2021

VIDEO EXCLUSION Nicolae Dica has made a mistake! FCSB coach, upset by statements by Gice Hagi

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Nicolae Dică continued to respond to those who have been more and more comparing the way players have been transferred from Viitorula – Florina Tănase, Dragoş Nedelcu, Romario Benzar or Florinel Comana – under Gheorghe Hagi's command and what she shows in FCSB.

Including Gheorghe Hagi recently discovered that Florinel Coman had booked FCSB and had given a completely different return to Viitorul.

FCSB coach did not stand, especially statements about Florin Coman, and he went to Telekoma Sport studio: "Looking at the striker like him, he has two and a half in Viitorula and scored six goals in two and a half years." In Steaua, only in this championship have scored six goals and it was said that on Viitorul I do not know what he did, he worked in Viitorula … For a year and a half since he came to Steaua, we are not talking about Coman ten years ago. We're talking about Coman two years ago, we're not talking about Coman's ten If we make some comparisons, we have to make some figures. "In two and a half years, Viitorul achieved six goals and came to Steaua, and for the year and a half has over 10 goals in the Romanian Championship. Europa League", said Dica, exclusively for Telekom Sport.

This season the nickname "Mbappe" won seven times. Six times in the top 15 games and one in the preliminary league of the Europa League.

  • What Hagi said: "Coman made me better off with me (well, why are you better off?) I know, I can train in another way, I have no idea I know, or I asked them, I was more demanding, but Coman also played well in Steaua. I know that Coman has the most goals in Steaua (nr is the second marker, after Gnohere) and he is booked, and it is not normal, I do not know why he is a team shooter, you can see, I can not talk to me, not good to talk and I would not go back in speculation.

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