Wednesday , July 17 2019


whatsapp sharing

WhatsApp, The new feature has been launched by a US company for users around the world since last night, and its official distribution begins with no app updates. Specifically, this is a new feature offered by WhatsApp for Android phones, with the ability to share the information that is downloaded from other applications we use in a completely new way.

WhatsApp, In the lower picture, you can see how this feature is showing for the app, and users with Android phones can now see and view the submitted information. This change is very important because WhatsApp users can use the advanced data viewing system before sending them to other users within the platform so that false information will not be shared too easily.

WhatsApp. New feature launched for phones

WhatsApp, This feature is currently only available for sharing information with two or more people on the platform, rather than sending it to one person. The integrated WhatsApp system has just been released for distribution around the world, so it is unlikely that it will not appear in the app itself, and if that happens, you will have to be patient until it's available to us. in Romania.

WhatsApp, Many news is currently under test, and the US company compiles interesting features for iPhone and Android phones. Unfortunately, apart from the good features that are made for WhatsApp, there is a change that will bring your ads to the Status section, and this is meant to show ads in the stories we see from friends we're watching, as is happening on Instagram.

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