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Who will sing in Electric Castle 2019

Florence + Machine, 30 seconds on Mars and bring Horizon are crying in the 2019 edition of the Electrical Festival of the Castle, to be held from 17 to 21 July in Bonţidi, according to the organizers.

Florence + The Machine is one of the most creative indie bands of the last decade, built around the fascinating personality of the soloist, composer and founder of Florence Welch. Since 2009, when the first album was released, the band has brought together the last decades of world class music, nominations and awards such as BRIT, Grammy, Mercury, BBC and Billboard.

Concert of the electric castle comes to an important moment in Florence + The Machine, their new album, released this summer, "High As Hope", bringing substantial changes to the music line, under the influence of the radical changes that Florence Welch has, has in its lifetime created maturity and creative and personally, according to Mediafax.

Oscar Award, Rock Star, Fashion Icon, Jared Leto confirmed his presence at Electric Castle together with his brother Shannon Leto – in other words, 30 seconds on Mars. The latest album of the band, "America", is being promoted through a world tour that goes back to Romania, offering the audience the most ambitious production ever signed by the band. And this is not a bad thing for these artists who, despite a large number of awards, even have a Guinness World Record. Not everyone has the capability of Jared Leto to juggle between the major Hollywood productions and arenas of tens of thousands of fans, but behind megastar reputation, he is a musician who has managed to sell more than 15 million albums in two decades of the band's launch. "Walk On Water", "Rescue Me", "Kings and Queen" are the latest 30 seconds on Mars hits, marking a new style with strong electric influences in band music.

Bring Me Horizon, the discovery of the fourth edition of Electric Castle, returns to the stage of the 2019 festival. The band will officially launch a new album early next year, with which they will immediately embark on a promotional tour of Europe and Australia. So far, only two songs about the future "Amo" have been presented. Behind the road as a deathcore, BMTH has enjoyed many genres along six record albums, which helped her win the audience all over the world and turn her into the poster's head for most major European festivals.

Together with them, Sheffield Concitadines and rock style brothers, members of Metal Sheet, sleeping their place on the poster of July 2019.

The veteran style of indie rock members of meticulously coming to Romania at a mature moment of their career began 20 years ago in Toronto. Charisma soloist Emily Haines lies at the heart of their successful success over time with numerous awards. Whether they are on a tour of bands like Smashing Pumpinks or themselves, members of the metric group have the same pleasure to hypnotize even the viewers who first discover it, Mediafax writes.

The vaccine complements the list of representatives of this genre in Electric Castle 2019. It's been eight years since "The Wave" was signed by The Vaccines, which was one of the summer hits, during which the band passed through several formulas and several albums among recently "Combat Sports "launched this year.

Whether it is in studio with Lady Gaga and Snoop Dog or creates alternative projects with Skrillex, Boys Noize remains the same DJ and revolutionary techno acid producer. His presence will be the premier at the festival, along with many complaints from Chinese man, the French trio of the hop trou who, despite his name talks, is surprised publicly with the sets in which the Bible fragments read Samuel Jackson to mix with the rhythms of Queen's music.

Named last year at Grammy, members of Sofia Tukker will arrive to Bontida in a full European tour.

Between rock and electro is always a place of classical music, at least every edition of Electric Castle. Quartet Kronos, a project that has been over 40 years and has won the Grammy and Polar Awards over the years, is a classic reinterpretation of the upcoming edition of the festival.

Other names confirmed in Electric Castle are Lemaitre, Mono, Tommy Cash, Handsome Furssau Viagra Boys.

The "Hospitality Night" project continues in 2019 with London Electricity, Dynamite MC, Spy and Danny Byrd at a supper dinner.

Subscriptions for Electric Castle 2019 can be purchased at a price of 399 lei up to December 20 from

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