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A member of the European League suspended for fixing matches: Football: Sports:

The European Football Association (UEFA) has removed Belgian Mechelen from participating in the group stage of the European League (LE) 2019/20 season for organizing matches in the national championship. It is published on the UEFA website.

Before that, the Royal Belgian Football Association (KBVB) disqualified Mechelen, after which UEFA decided to conduct its own investigation. On July 15, the club was admitted to the tournament.

However, on July 17, the Belgian Arbitral Tribunal confirmed the disciplinary punishment of the CSVB team. UEFA continued the investigation, during which it canceled its decision and suspended Mechelen from participating in LE for one season.

Payment of contractual matches was made through Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro, writes TASS. Belgian club leaders Johann Timmermans, Olivier Somers and Thierry Stimans have been suspended from football for ten years.

In June, UEFA president Alexander Cheferin said setting match "football". According to him, basically this problem exists in lower limbs, where criminals can work with players who do not get much money. However, UEFA president admitted that match fixing is happening at the highest level. At the same time in the Champions League it is impossible, said Slovene.

In April, it was announced that Ukrainian coach Alexander Sevidov faces a lifelong disqualification for participating in the match fixing. It was noted that removal also threatens to President Sumy Rostislav Kozar. He and 49-year-old Sevid are suspected of bribing the judges and players to maintain the match.

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