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Agatha Mutsenietse admits to Pavel Priluck's birthday love

11:06, 11/06/2018

The star of the Major series is 31 years old.

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Yesterday Pavel Priluchnyi, one of the most popular Russian actresses, celebrated his birthday. The star, known for "Major", "Closed School" and many others, has 31 years. In the morning, Paul's friends, colleagues and fans greeted him in social networks. Only the wife of actor Agathe Muzenitz remained on the margins. After midnight, she published her microblog in the post, in which she admired her love and explained why she did not publicly congratulate her husband.

"Priluchny! You're awful! There were no posts in your DR … and I was overwhelmed with the question: "Where's the post of Pasha?" It will no longer be) But in me, as in the New Year! The phone does not stop! Since when? Your DR is like New Year's Eve? … In our world they did not come up with a word to describe us and what is happening between us … and that is infinity … and obviously it is real, your DR = my DR … I love my soul – and that's the main thing! Just wake up! Be alive, be happy, and I will be happy for your silence … or smile! You're a Space! Everything else does not matter! "- wrote Agatha (the spelling and punctuation of the author are given without change. Ed.)

Pavel Priluchny

Remember that Pavel Priluchnyi and Agata Muceniece met on the "Closed School" series nearly ten years ago. Then the actor almost took the girl under the crown. After they lived together for one year and a half, in August 2011, a couple officially established their relationship. On January 11, 2013, the couple had the first prize TimothyOn March 3, 2016, actors became parents of a daughter, who received a rare and beautiful name. Mia.

This year, Priluchnyi celebrated the seventh anniversary of marriage. Date coincided with spousal reconciliation after two weeks of quarreling. So there were no such situations and their relationship was even stronger, Agatha and Paul decided to fill their wedding tattoos on a significant day. "By the next time he was cursed, he just could not remove the ring from her finger," the actress explained. On the other hand, the "battalion" star shockedly compared himself and his wife with "16-year-old idiots." But a little later, in the show "Evening Emergency", they said that, in fact, the decision about a wedding tattoo was made after losing the ring again on the set.

Agatha Muceniece and Pavela Priluchna

We add that now on Channel One, the third season of Major series with Pavel Priluchnyi in the main role is going well. Unfortunately, for the great action-packed adventurers' army this season will be final for the project. At least this is what the creators say. For 16 episodes (and that's more than four episodes than in the previous two seasons. Approx. Ed.) Igor Sokolovsky not only has to end the main investigation of his life – to find a mother-in-law killer and avenge his father's death, but to make a choice between the two ladies in the heart – the police captain and his immediate superior Vika (Karina Razumovskaya) and the oligarchy daughter of the enemy Kate Love of Aksen).

Pavel Priluchny and Karina Umezovskaja, the TV series "Major"

Pavel Priluchny and Lyubov Aksenova, shot from the TV series "Major"

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