Analyst. The Russian stock market will be able to grow on the background of stabilizing oil prices

22.11.18. 09:36

Analyst. The Russian stock market will be able to grow on the background of stabilizing oil pricesThe Russian stock market may begin trading on Thursday with moderate growth in the background of oil price stabilization. At the same time, due to the free day on the US Stock Exchange, the activity of market participants in the Russian market can be reduced somewhat.

On the eve of the Russian market, it has been able to grow on the main indexes on the backdrop of renewed oil price growth. After the session, the Mosbirzhi index rose by 0.7% to 2,357.97 points. RTS trading index closed 0.95% to 1127.42 points. The ruble could also be strengthened by about 50 kopecks for the dollar and the euro at the same time.

US stock indexes closed the environment with a growth of 0.3-0.9% as part of the correction in a significant drop in previous days when they lost about 3-4%. The biggest pressure on the beginning of the week had stocks of companies in the technology sector. On Thursday, the US Stock Exchange will be closed for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Asian exchange on Thursday does not show a unique dynamics compared to the background of Japan's inflation-adjusted inflation statistics. In addition, investors have drawn attention to the new forecasts of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Specifically, China's GDP growth is expected to reach 6.6% in 2018, while the previous forecast was 6.7% and 2019- 6.3% (6.4% earlier).

European stocks rose by about 1.5% on Wednesday compared to the backdrop of the Italian government's draft government bill for 2019. The authorities hope that they will be able to reach a consensus on budgetary issues with European Commission (EC) leader Jean-Claude Juncker .

World oil prices on Thursday morning stabilized after growth attempts for more than 3 percent in the afternoon, followed by more than 7 percent collapse in oil prices on Tuesday.

Ivan Marchena, an analyst at Forex Club

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