Thursday , January 28 2021

And again Ural – this time electric!

And again Ural – this time electric!

Lukina Tatyana Tikhonovna

And again Ural - this time electric!

In the United States, the Russian heavyweight Ural motorcycle announced in the United States was created by the joint efforts of the Irbit Motor Factory and Zero Motorcycles from California.

On the website of the Irbit Engine Factory we present the latest development – an electric motor. The trader, battery, and electricity owner of the owners of the Zero Motocycle. The prototype was built by the California company ICG. Autonomous Course Limits – up to 165 km. The motorcycle will be able to reach speeds up to 140 km / h, writes Engine power is equivalent to 60 liters. (5300 rpm), the battery charging time of up to 95% of the capacity from the ordinary aperture is 13 hours. It is interesting that the machine with an electronic radiator was only a few tens of pounds: the dry weight of Ural-Electro was 373 kg. The decision to launch an electric ovens in the series has not yet been made, but the company promises to conduct the study and evaluate customer reactions to the new product. Meanwhile, the prototype will be screened in California at the Progressive Motor Show on November 16th and 18th. The foundation was the Ural cT undercarriage model, and the Zero Motorcycles helped adjust its own electric motor, battery, regulator and other components. The Enduro version of the Zero DSR is capable of driving 328 kilometers at a single charge.

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