Monday , June 14 2021

AP: In California, the fire destroyed a significant part of the city of Raja – accident

NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 9. / Tass /. Much of the city of Paradise (California) burned during the fire, hundreds of buildings were destroyed. This was reported on Thursday by the Associated Press (AP).

"The Rhine site has been largely destroyed, it is a question of destroying that magnitude," said the agency's spokeswoman Scott McLean. According to the agency, according to McLean's estimates, the fire destroyed about 2,000 buildings.

As Early Reported by Paradise Mail, referring to Butte Cory Houni County Sheriff, several people died in fire and their exact number was determined. There are no official statements about it. Earlier, head of the Darren Reed Fire Department reported that two firefighters and several local residents were injured.

The population of Paradise is about 27,000 people. In connection with the fires that began in the forests, thousands of people were evacuated to Ray. About 500 firefighters are working on the site.

Flame is expanding rapidly due to strong wind and dry weather. Evacuation has been published in numerous other cities in the county.

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