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Batman's Voice Kevin Conroy Wants New Batman: Arkham – Gambling

A week ago, June 23, Batman: Arkham Knight has been four years old – congratulating them on the idea of ​​the anniversary and the British rocksteady.

However, the attention of many fans and journalists attracted the following unmistakable twitter the voices of Batman Kevin Conroy, who clearly expressed the desire to see a new part of the franchise game.

Four years ago we released Batman: Arkham Knight. To all of our fans: Thank you for being with us Batman.


But why stop there? !!

Kevin Conroy

Perhaps Conroy hints a new game in the series he can work on. WB games in Montrealwho created it Batman: Arkham Origin – for today the only studio title.

According to various rummages and rumors, the studio worked on several projects, including several titles Batman and Suicide Squad, but were eventually canceled.

What's busy rocksteady This is also unknown, but this is definitely not a game about Superman, which was confirmed in December by the founder and head of Sefton Hill. According to KotakuThe new British project is about a hero team, but this is not a "Justice League".

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