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The Japanese kickboxer Tensin Nasukawa in twitter responded to the abuse of the Irish Combined Martial Artist (MMA) of Conor McGregor, who named him Jackie Chan.

"Hello Mr. McGregor, my name is Tensin Nasukawa, I'm not Jackie Chan, I promise to win my defeat, so watch out for a fight [против Мэйуэзера]"- wrote kickboxer.

On November 6, MacGregor ridiculed the upcoming Japanese battle with American boxer Floyd Mayweather. Irish compares athletes with the characters of the movie "Rush Hour".

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The battle between Mayweather and Nasukawa became known on Nov. 5. It will be held on 31 December in Tokyo under the Rizin Tournament. There are rules on which the fight will be held.

The last fight Mayweather was held in August 2017. Then he defeated McGregor with a technical knockout in the fight against the boxing rules. After that, the American, who won the 50th win in 50 fights, completed his career.

Natsukawa held four MMA battles, each of which won. In kickboxing, the athlete has won 27 battles of 27.

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