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Britancy svernuli proekt samogo dorogogo Range Rover

The debut of the Range Rover SV Coupé was completed last year at the Geneva Motor Show. Predstavlennyj togda автомобиль создалсателя отделением SVO (Special Vehicle Operations), а в благода видео видео использования выпуск 999 теметельного моду. Vnedorožnik polučil 5-litrovyj kompressornyj V8, razvivaûŝij 565 l.s. and 700 Nm. Introducing the brand in the future, which until today's Ukrainian government is capable of razognatʹsâ for 5.3 seconds.

It would be the British who would break down the price on the ulьtraeksklûzivnuû «trehdverku». Predpolagalosь, which in SŠA such Range Rover budet stoitь does not go 300 tysâč dollarov, which you peresčete on current course sostavlâet start 20 mln ruble! With a cheerleader, SV Coupe I own a car with a car in the line brand.

Vpročem, sudâ po poslednim zaâvleniâm, état planam poka беспиться нежденен. By the end of the measure, v proximate time. «My princes are pregnant, knowing our customers, which Range Rover SV Coupe does not bother with manufacturing», – attracts AutoExpress letters of the brand representative.

By the letter of the publisher of the product, the production company will have to resell and invest in some «sleduŝŝee pokolenie produktov mirovogo klassa». What do you know about idet recià ¢ â, ¬ â "¢ s company did not start.

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