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Dangerous links: HIV in Tatarstan prefers medieval intelligence

Dangerous links: HIV in Tatarstan prefers medieval intelligence

"Feminization" of HIV incidence is determined by doctors in Tatarstan. If 20 years ago AIDS was considered a drug addict, homosexual and prostitute drug addict, 10 years ago, family parents began to be infected; .

Since the beginning of this year 988 new HIV cases have been identified in Tatarstan. More than 13.5 thousand HIV positive persons registered in the Republic of Croatia.

"In general, our numbers are twice lower than the average in Russia," said Niyaz Galiullin, chief physician of the Republican Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases, at a meeting with journalists on the eve of the World Day to Fight this Dangerous Infection.

This year the number of HIV infected in Tatarstan has increased considerably due to migrants from other areas. If last year there were 73 people in our apartment with diagnosis "HIV" and then today – 160.

"Kazan is a busy city, many tourists come here, migrants from neighboring Ulyanovsk, Perm, Samar, Bashkiria, where the incidence of HIV infection is two to four times higher," said Galiullin.

According to the head physician of the AIDS Center, women throughout Russia and Tatarstan increasingly become infected with the human immunodeficiency virus. This year, among the newly identified, almost 36 percent. It has changed the age for infected with HIV.

– If at the beginning of the 2000s, HIV carriers were young people aged 15 to 30 years, now 82 percent are infected by people aged 30 to 50 years. As a rule, they sexually receive HIV through heterosexual relationships, says Niyaz Galiullin.

Doctors explain the "maturation" of HIV for several reasons. According to them, adult men and women do not know enough about HIV and think they will not touch them, because recent AIDS prevention measures are directed exclusively to young people. Another problem is social.

– There are many divorces now. Accordingly, many women occasionally have unprotected sex. The same happens with people. Among them, however, dominates the intravenous route of infection, says Firaya Nagimova, deputy head of the Center for AIDS Prevention and Control.

"Recently, many women are in the age of 35 to 45 and are 60 years old who are terrified of their diagnosis and can not live," said Svetlana Izambaeva, head of the humanitarian fund for people living with HIV. – Many people did not really think about the bad and hoped for the best. But those who know can become infected. Recently, my colleague, the divorced mother of two children, has learned that she has HIV. She fully understood this dangerous infection and therefore asked her new man for help. He said he was healthy. And she is infected … The whole thing is in the "window" – a virus that has entered the body can not be detected in the blood for two to six months. And the club's wife came straight to this "window".

Only one outlet – you first met with a new condom partner. And after half a year to check both.

Meanwhile, prostitutes began to treat their health more responsibly than "decent" women.

"If we entered the" points "earlier, we agreed with the pimps, and today they come every two months to test. Moreover, many prostitutes have families, children, "says Lilia Taisheva, general manager of ABNO New Century, a member of the Coordination Council for HIV / AIDS in the Russian Ministry of Health.

Still, sexual workers are still in danger and are likely to get HIV from others.

Taisheva stressed that active prevention of HIV infection among young people has yielded its results:

"Last time our mobile point worked on Day City, there was a huge line there, they could not close at 23 o'clock! Tracking their health among young people has now become a trend. Because when you are healthy, you can be successful in life. And young people are now struggling for success.

On the other hand, Svetlana Izambaeva, the first in Russia to openly declare her HIV positive status, has a negative trend: there are more disadvantages among those infected with HIV who refuse to take the necessary medication. According to Izambayev, everything started when popular TV host Alexander Gordon announced the federal screen to "have no AIDS".

"Two women came to us, they asked me to go to the house to talk to their sister. She had been registered as HIV two years ago, but she did not go to the AIDS Center, she did not take drugs. I waved, they say, "I have nothing." And the nurse noticed that she had lost weight badly, she was often sick. I came under the guise of her girlfriend, she talked to her, explaining that refusing the necessary drugs for people infected with HIV is a slow suicide.

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