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Dark theme in Android 10 Q saves up to 50% of batteries – blogs

One of the most noticeable changes for users in the Android 10 Q operating system will be a dark topic or night mode available throughout the system. Resource providers PhoneArena have decided to find out how bad a topic affects the autonomy of smartphones.

Of course, saving dark-energy battery power will only be relevant to OLED displays with darker pixels, less energy consumes backlighting.

Tests were conducted on a smart Pixel 3 smartphone with a fixed brightness of 200 cd / m² on average.

With pre-installed applications, battery savings were impressive – up to 50%. On average, using native apps, including contacts, dialing, settings, and more, consumes 30% less energy with the darker theme of Android 10 Q than with a standard theme. During testing, the smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

When third-party applications are used, the difference is not so great, but it is more than noticeable – up to 20%.

The announcement of Android 10 Q is expected at the Google I / O conference in early May.

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