Friday , April 23 2021

Declassified interior of Skoda hatchback – Autoreview

Skoda company

Before the premiere of the new Skoda Scale hatchback remained only a week away. In Europe, this model on the extended MQB-A0 (Volkswagen Polo, Seat Ibiza) platform will replace the Skoda Rapid Spaceback short hatchback, but in terms of comfort and saturation with options it will be a step bigger than it. The company has already revealed all the features of the car, and has now shown the photos of the cab. They should look closer: surely such a fundamental architecture will be transferred to Škoda's future future.

First of all, the insulated 9.2-inch diagonal multimedial touch screen (there are options and smaller) catch the eye. Compared to the current screens of Vsefolksvagenovskimi, he revised the menu and place of the icon. The air conditioning channel air distribution schedule will also change: the center will move down (as in the Polo), closer to the control unit with its own touch-sensitive display. At the same time, Scala will have a two-color climate control instead of a Rapid zone, and there are virtual instruments on the 10.25-inch diagonal display on the options list.

The button block near the gearbox will become more convenient: the number of keys decreases, and are not centered on side arms but closer to the driver. Still, look at the Scale Key Block: there are two large caches that flaunting it. Although the photo is clearly the highest version of Rock. Platform-based socks such as the Kosmiq crossover?

Finally, the front panel cover looks like a natural wood veneer, and the plastic parts have a soft arch: Rock seems to have better finishing materials than Rapida.

All details of the Skoda Scale hatchback and its market prospects will be announced on December 6 at a special event in Tel Aviv.

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