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Details about the detention of Shishkina murderer investigator: curled into the street

The accused who participated in the case of fraud under the guidance of a woman caught in Georgia

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The alleged assassin of the investigator for particularly important cases of colonel Evgenia Shishk was in the territory of Georgia on November 13th. According to some reports, hacker Yaroslav Sumbaev, who has been on the run for four years, has played the role of a killer.

Details about the detention of Shishkina murderer investigator: curled into the street

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As reported by "MK", ​​investigator Yevgeny Shishkin was killed on October 10 in the village of Arkhangelskoye, Moscow region, when he walked to his car. An investigation into this fatal murder has taken over control of Britain's chief Alexander Bastrykin. From the very beginning, a circle of suspects was identified, because the most likely crime is related to the professional activity of the murdered. In the last four years, Shishkina was involved in a serious case of fraud. The fraudsters searched the database, bought tickets, showing the passport details of the candidate. After that, the refunds were made in cash.

In case there are 23 people involved. Organizer Alexei Svyatkin (was the first who had a criminal thought on fraud) in 2015 was sentenced to five years under the Meshchani court verdict. The rest is under investigation, and one of the suspects – Yaroslav Sumbaev, a native of Astrakhan – hit the race.

Attorney Nikolaj Arshinov should represent the interests of two suspects, Maxim Matyushev and Yaroslav Sumbaev. Matyusheva was detained, a preventive measure was taken in custody (in custody for four years, and debates have recently begun), but Sumbaev escaped. There were rumors that he was hiding in Montenegro. According to some information, in the past year and a half the man threatened Shishk in social networks and instant messengers. In January 2018, the car of the researcher was burned.

Sumbaev was arrested in Georgia. According to Arshin, the Georgian police took part in a special operation, Sumbaev was just knocking on the street. In the near future, the suspect was extradited to his homeland. Arshinov intends to represent his interests – by the way, all hackers have 65 episodes under articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Scam" and "Organizing a Criminal Community". Sumbaev will probably be added with two more articles – "Violations of Law Enforcement Officials" and "Illegal Trade in Weapons."

However, the lawyer does not believe that Sumbaev was involved in the Shishkin massacre.

Think for yourself – He lived quietly in Georgia, no one was looking for him for four years. Why did he have to do such a thing for himself? My client Matyushev believes Sumbaev could not kill a person, not such a warehouse, Arshinov said.

By the way, the defender saw Shishkin investigator three times. He gave the warrant for the first time and the lieutenant led him away. His rights to Arshin's protection were later restored through courts.

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