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Elbon: I was close to completing a career

Next season, Alexander Elbon will debut in Formula 1 within Toro Rosso. Thanks to the contract with the Faenza team, the young driver got another chance from Red Bull – Elbon was already part of the Austrian young company program but was excluded from him in 2012. Alex said he had lost his place in the program, he thought he refused to continue his professional career in the car.

Question When you heard about a contract with Toro Rosso
Alexander Elbon: They called me on Monday afternoon and said I was confirmed as a driver of Toro Rosso, and the team is ready to make a statement. At that moment I was in a shopping mall – I bought shoes, so I had to go back to the hotel quickly.

Question: What is your first reaction? News was a surprise?
Alexander Elbon: I was thrilled because I had been waiting for it since six years. I can not say that was a complete surprise because I have been trying to solve the contract with Nissan e.dams for several months to get a chance to join Toro Rosso. I still can not believe that this has finally happened!

Question: Who told you the news first?
Alexander Elbon: First I called my mom. She was probably more enthusiastic than me.

Q: You have a reputation as a master of overtaking. Believe in Form 1 you can use your usual driving style
Alexander ElbonYes. The Formula 1 cars are designed so that overtaking is difficult, but given the changes in the regulations of next year, I think we will see interesting battles. It is very funny that with half of the drivers who work on the World Championships, I fought in karting. In some sense, the struggle is waiting for us, as in the good old days!

Question: You fly on the flag of Thailand. Proud to be the first Thai runner in Formula 1 since the early 1950s
Alexander Elbon: I'm proud to present Thailand. It is a great honor for me and my family to have this opportunity. I hope they will be proud of me.

Question How hard was it when you lost support from Red Bull 2012
Alexander ElbonVery difficult. That year was very difficult for a variety of reasons, not just because of the lack of results (Elbon's mother was given a prison sentence and was released in early 2018). However, I did it to work more efficiently. I was on the verge of finishing the race. I knew I had to leave an impression every time I got to the steering wheel. Fortunately, Helmut Marko gave me another chance.

Question: Do you think your dream has become true?
Alexander Elbon: I never gave up, I believed that could happen. I knew my chances of being in Formula 1 were minimal, since I did not have the necessary budget. In fact, the only way to enter the championship is to be in Toro Rosso or Red Bull. As we know, Dr. Marco is hard to impress!

Question: What are your goals for 2019?
Alexander Elbon: I do not set any goals that should be achieved by the end of the year. It is important to strive for maximum every weekend. Before Melbourne, I will not spend so much time on the wheel, so it's important to prepare it as much as possible and to work in every race on the situation. Of course, it would be nice to regularly fight for the points and be ahead of the fight until the end of the season.

Q: Who is your idol in Formula 1?
Alexander Elbon: Michael Schumacher. I am a passionate lover of his talent!

Question: How do you spend your free time? What do you like the most except the race?
Alexander Elbon: Most of the time is practicing, and the rest of the time is resting with your family and friends. And I love animals. We have two dogs and five cats at home.

Question: Do you have hidden talents that no one knows?
Alexander Elbon: I'm good at designing and understanding something in design. I even helped a few riders develop sketches for design helmets.

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