Sunday , June 20 2021

Endangered owners of old iPhones and Macs.

Users of obsolete iPhone users are at risk of hacking.

Owners of old models of iPhone and Mac notebooks are at risk of hacking. Hackers have found a way to hack the gadget using fake web sites, replacing just one letter of a domain name. This was reported by Lenta regarding Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab.

Please note that old Apple programs have an outdated version of Safari browser installed, where the number of characters appears in the same way as usual. For example, letter d will look similar to a symbol.

The fraudsters use it by making copies of popular websites mentioned in their names. Among them are LinkedIn, Dropbox, Reddit, WordPress and other popular resources. When the owner of an old iPhone is registered in a fake service, hackers get their personal information from the original site.

You can fix this problem by updating your operating system. Please note that iPhone owners are under threat, iOS 11.4.1 and older, as well as iMac and MacBook with MacOS High Sierra firmware at 10.13.5.

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