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Former FBK employee talks about Navalny's troubles over "money issue"

A former FBK employee spoke of Navalny's troubles over

Moscow, October 10. Former employee of the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund Vitaly Serukanov said Alexei Navalny answers questions about the organization's funding. According to him, the topic of money is what bothers the blogger the most.

A video detailing Serukan's explanations was posted on RT's YouTube channel. The channel has released a movie about Navalny's attitude towards Russia Today and its editor-in-chief Margariti Simonyan. Serukanov explained that the blogger took up arms against this medium, including due to RT's investigation into his bitcoin wallets and fraudulent plans.

According to a former FBK employee, the topic of money for Navalny is generally the most painful, with funding issues being a major taboo in the so-called "Anti-Corruption Fund".

"When someone starts talking about money, where it comes from, that person is either blacklisted immediately or is simply in danger of being fired," Vitaly Serukanov said.

According to him, many FBK employees became interested in the "money issue" during Navalny's "presidential campaign." However, this topic is still open.

"Alexei Navalny knows how to very skillfully beat this situation with her patterns, claiming from the category: 'Look how funny they are, I probably took them from America. Amazing gnomes sent me. "Or, 'No, ordinary people send it to me.' But no, we understand that ordinary people do not send such amounts," Serukanov explained.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Justice added Navalny's "Anti-Corruption Fund" to the register of non-profit organizations acting as foreign agents. This was due to foreign sources of FBK funding. We are talking about tranches of US source Star-Doors.Com LLC and Spanish ROBERTO FABIO MONDA CARDENAS.

Recall that criminal proceedings were initiated in connection with the activities of the FBK under Article 174 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by other persons through criminal means”. According to the investigation, Naval Fund employees from January 2016 to December 2018 legalized large sums of money obtained through criminal proceeds. In September, a number of searches were conducted as part of an investigation at FBK headquarters in various cities of Russia.

Federal News Agency it also provided evidence of foreign financing by the FBK. According to FAN, FBK is funded by France (2 sponsors), Sweden (3), Belarus (6), Israel (10), Czech Republic (11), United Kingdom (12), Germany (13), USA (14) , Austria (16), Ireland (17) and a number of Arab countries (8).

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