Tuesday , June 15 2021

"Girl who was jammed on the web": the new face of Lisbeth Salander

Uruguay director Federico Alvarez offers a new look at the famous story of the detective. It came out stupid but charming.

Brilliant sociopathic hacker Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) is thrilled to intrigue the network around the world. Scientist Frans Boulder addresses her with a request to steal a program she has written from Americans. It is easy and easy to do a task that rages not only the United States, but also a certain criminal group that attacks and takes over the program for itself. Lisbet intends to return stolen and appeals for help to his old friend, journalist Michael Blomkvist, who does not want anything. In addition, the Swedish government is interested in this whole story, and its solution lies in the past, which, obviously, will never allow Lisbeth to go.

The Americans after the girls with David Fincher and Dragon Tattooom decided to skip two books from the Milenij series created by Stig Larsson and immediately filmed the movie "The Girl Stuck on the Web" written after the death of David Lagerkranz. Because of this, the film takes on a completely different vector in a stylistic and ideological sense.

A talented hacker from a gray high-rise building turns into a true avenger and protector of humiliated and insulted women in modernly-equipped apartments. This "hobby" Salander is starting to play quite new colors in the Me movement, but in this case it looks more like an exploitation of the theme than a valuable statement on this subject.

Fincher's film was an imaginative thriller with a strong detective line. The director, with his usual depth, was the main actor and the world of Swedish society with skeletons in cabinets covered with layer layers. In turn, Uruguayan Federico Alvarez, the author of the Thriller "Does not breathe", does not change because of long instructions, suggesting that the viewer already knows what it is. He jumps out of the bat and creates a spectacular film first of all.

Of course, there is a secret here too, but it is quite conditioned, and the solution to it is trustworthy for Michael Blomkvist, who unfortunately looks weird and helpless. Ironically, the Milenian series, named after Blomqvist's magazine, has no place for journalism. Therefore, eternal companion Lisbeth Salander, performed by Swedish actor Sverrir Gudsonon (Borg in Borg / McInroy), seems to be a budget that has only remained to support the love story that smokes in the windless wind.

It's not easy Claire Foy, the star of the "Crown" TV series, who has convincingly demonstrated his versatility in Soderberg's "Not Thatself" and "Man on the Moon" by Damien Shazelle. Here, the dramatic range of actress has no one to turn to, because she is too busy looking for bad guys. In this case, Salander acts as a function rather than a full-function character.

"The Girl Who Stuck on the Web" – an inanimate genre film with all the attributes that characterize the Scandinavian thriller, with eternal winter, crescent and pervert in every corner

Alvarez falls into credibility and focuses on visual and action. All computers are opened with half a blow, and the characters make a stupid mistake after another to suppress the action, and the pathos bloom in lush colors. But such films do not create credibility, they are designed to be beautiful. Yes, that is a guilty pleasure, but very appealing, and sometimes enough.

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