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"I like it": Zagit's told about her sexuality

Russian slider Alina Zagitova won a large margin in the fifth stage of the Grand Prix in Moscow and reached the final part of the competition. After the show, a 16-year-old athlete said he was generally happy with his form and performances.


"I'm happy with renting, but I'm less happy with the free program I'm still working on, I was very worried about this tournament, in spite of the great responsibility, and it was in front of the local audience, but when the hall started to support me, I did not ride – the audience also jumped with me. "" I admit, it's an unrealistic sensation, they give strength, morally and physically, "said the Olympic champion Phenchhana.

Speaking of a free program at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow, Zagitova paid attention to a very serious mistake made during the lease.

The liqueur slider program included numerous triple jumps, including the triple flip, which Zagit usually runs smoothly. However, this time he made a mistake and conducted the so-called "butterfly" after he closed the entire jump on the jump. Because of this, the slider lost a lot of points and, by understanding it, has slightly changed the completion of its number by focusing on the elements.

"After that mistake, I thought," Well, that's all, Kick-Ass! "Then I realized I had to go all the way and make all the elements much better so that this flip would pay off, this was my last leap I think I was a little relaxed.

However, I've already made all the heavy jumps at that time, and I'm constantly doing this on training and I'm not making a mistake. Only the head is relaxed, it happens, "admitted the likelihood climater, not excluding those problems with psychology, which could be the cause of the butterfly.

Zagitova puts a lot of emotions and experiences into her free speech. In the new season, the 16-year-old champion moves Carmen.

"This is my program, in which I put my picture, every person has a character – good, bad, gentle, it happened that I want to scream, this is the same thing in this program: I'm somewhere extreme, somewhere I showed the strength of my character, said the athlete.

This year's young Olympic champion is surprised not only by "Carmen" but also by its demonstration performance. On November 18, at the Megasport Ice Palace, Zagitova came out again on ice in leather pants, a black leather jacket, with unclear hair, and showed the image of Lara Croft to Beyonce's Survivor song. At the very beginning of the program, she was teasing the audience, playing by removing the leather jacket.

Many fans say that in this picture, a 16-year-old athlete looks sexy. Zagitova herself looks positively.

"For me, this is a new picture, you need to develop, so a trainer and a choreographer set up different programs, so they are developing in terms of choreography, and this is some kind of experience that should be present in athletes.

How do you feel about what make me sexy girlfriend? I like it ",

– said the figure slider, pointing out that, despite the fact that performance demonstrations are not competitions, it treats lending strictly and seriously.

It was expected that during the talks with Zagitov it was questioned whether the Olympic champion was thinking of full-blown ice on his fellow countrymen Yevgeny Medvedev and Elizaveti Tuktamyshev, who would meet in the Grand Prix final. However, Alina did not want to answer while talking about a short depressive period that she had to overcome after the failure at the World Cups in Milan.

Then the skater, which is already in the gold medal of Games-2018 in its pocket, unexpectedly occupied only fifth place in the world championship. During the free skating, the athlete dropped several times and lost many points. According to Zagit, this failure brought to tears.

"After the World Cup, I went to the room, drank a drink that was not allowed to drink normally, took a chocolate bar and sat watching the show, and snarled.

Then he calmed down. What to drink? I will not say. But, of course, it's not alcoholic. Just gasped. I can not drink it, but at the end of the season it is not so important to follow his form of Truth, I ran to throw everything I ate, "said the slider skater.

After this failure at the World Cup, he talked about the need for the Zagit to stop the break in his career and skip the new season. However, the Olympic champion refused.

"Certainly, I wanted to continue skidding, as many have said: now he has won the Olympic Games, can throw a slip … But that motivated me, I wanted to continue to continue with the trainings. In that sense, he helped me Eteri Georgievna (Tutberidze – "Gazeta.Ru"), which did not allow me to relax, helped me to get together, because after that tournament, the subconscious has let me down.

What will I do next? There were so many thoughts that went. But I did not think about skipping the season, "

Zagitov said.

By the way, Tutberidz himself, according to the character of the slider, rarely boasts of playing at the tournaments and wins, which are mined, including the world record. He mostly reads reviews by choreographer Daniil Gleichus.

Nothing less important in the future of Zagit is the issue of increasing the complexity of its programs. In particular, women singly suffer big reforms – juniors are increasingly performing quadruple jumps. They expect the same from the Phenchkhane champion but are not currently enthusiastic about it.

"I still do not do it because it is, above all, very traumatic, and since I had a slightly different body, I will have to deal with triple jumps and do them as before," Zagitov said.

The Final Grand Prix will be held in Canada, Vancouver, from 6 to 9 December.

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