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Ilona Masquerade is named in Yakutia – Tesla's electric car test at -70

November 12, 2018, 07:50 – regnum
American engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and billionaire Ilona mask invited to visit the Chad – village Oimyakon, located in Yakutia. The air temperature can reach 70 degrees, and according to Yakutian at such temperatures Tesla's electric cars produced by the company, headed by Ilon mask, correspondents reporters Regnum IA.

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"Yakutia is a true cosmos– quotes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Director of the Arctic Innovation Center of the NEFU Dmitry Popov, – Not only cold and extreme temperatures, Ilona Mask may be interested in the development of Sakura scientists in the field of cold-resistant materials, in particular, methods of matching ultra-molecular polyethylene particles with nano-particles. "

Dmitry Popov also expressed the view that the area of ​​the settlement Oymyakon is ideally suited for the construction of the cosmodrome. The Ilon masks also intend to show a high level of educational activity for school children Yakutia – Children living in the republics make excellent space projects, programs and nano-satellite launches that are analogous to spacecrafts. Initiative group Yakut's people who submitted the appeal Ilona Mask believes there is a potential cosmonaut among the inhabitants of Yakutia, so it is necessary to begin training it.

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As published Regnum IA, in Ilona Mask earlier, positively assessed the development of Yakuta, the inventor of a single nuclear generator Anatolij Chomcheev.

The mechanism of the nuclear generator developed by Anatoly Chomchoev is fundamentally different from that used nowadays because the cooling does not occur at the expense of water, but with the use of air and constructive-technical solutions. Because of this, the atomic generator is not explosive. According to the inventor, such a new generation nuclear generator can provide heat and electricity to a 500-inhabited settlement without any failure for 50 years.

"He called his job Ilon Maski, his deputy tells me," Drop it all! In Russia, innovative technologies will never be understandable, but everything will be there – tests, platforms and financing. "And I'm waiting and I hope that the greatest breakthrough in human history will begin in Yakutia, and in the first place, it will have a positive impact on Arctic life where it is not so easy."The inventor admitted.

Remember that in the near future, Ilon Mask will leave the post of president after announcing on his social network that Tesla privatizes and buys all the shares for $ 420 or above their market price. He then left his plans, which made him suspect fraud to influence the stock price. The Securities Commission opened a criminal complaint against Musa.

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