Saturday , January 23 2021

In Russia, new rules on winter tires have been introduced for drivers

New rules on winter tires for drivers in Russia came into effect on Sunday, November 11th. Now the trucks were allowed to drive the "summer" at any time of the year, and personal car drivers still can not use the car without a "shoe change". True, punishment for the ban has never been imposed.

The new rules require amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Wheeled Vehicles". Before changing all types of vehicles, it is forbidden to drive in the winter months (December, January, February) on summer tires. Trucks are now off.

– Most trucks and buses run M + S tires (mud and snow) throughout the year – in terms of technical regulations, they are winter tires. It is therefore logical that no obligation is required for the use of winter tires at the level of technical regulations. This is a common practice when there are different truck tires with different patterns designed for different purposes, "quoted the project manager of the" Long-haul "association Valery Voitko" Kommersant ".

Regardless of the fact that there is no penalty for driving on summer tires, the inspector is entitled to impose a 500-pound car for breaching the remaining "error list" standards for the depth of the remaining winter tires less than 4 mm; for mounting on one axle of different sizes of tires, models with different load-bearing patterns, as well as tires with folds and unplugged; due to the lack of wheel bolts, as well as the cracks on the disc, this publication.

By the way, time for "shoe change" for Voronezh drivers has already arrived. And for those who have not done so yet, you have to take care of the tire change – a working week in the Voronezh region will be frosty, at night the thermometer will drop to -12.

What you need to know about changing summer tires for the winter, tires that are more suitable for the city and how long you can use a set of tires, read here.

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