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Karelia Cup 2018: Sweden – Russia, live stream November 10, 2018

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Specified in broadcast time – Moscow

14:45 During the break, various activities for fans were organized.

14:30 0: 0 on the score table after the first period. The teams are pretty neat.

14:15 Half of the time is over, the result in our meeting is not open.

14:00 The game started in Helsinki!

13:40, And it just looks like the present composition of the Three Chronicles. All seven KHL representatives enter in, but Lars Johansson starts the match from the bench.

Hellberg (Johansson);
Loew – Holm, Larsson – Johansson – Newgard;
Persson – Bertilsson, Davidsson – Lander – Norman;
Bengtsson – Wykstrand, Sorensen – Rasmussen – Vedin;
Brodin – Josephson – Lily.

13:30. Currently in "Hartwall Arena" is developing with the participation of Russia and Sweden.

13:15. Do you think our guys can take the Swedes?

13:00. Olympic champion Alexander Pashkov is not particularly concerned about the Russian team, but notes that Sweden has a stronger team from Finland.

"I think the Swedes are stronger than the Finns, they have an individual composition stronger than Finland, and recruiting players, I repeat, the Scandinavians are more powerful, I think the Russians will have the advantage of playing in Sweden, and after the win run to the emotions. is the first match, much depends on how the team considers the victory over the Finnish, will they critically approach the first meeting and would not be seduced by such a account, and if there is no such thing, Ilya Voroby will look good with the Swedes, "Pashkov is sure.

0:45. Appeared by a constituent team of Russia! Denis Barantsev, Anatolij Golyshev and Ilya Mikheev are absent from the team of Ilya Vorobyov

Venues: Shesterkin (Sorokin);
Nesterov (A) – Blazhievsky, Whims – Locust (A) – Grigorenko;
Hafizullin – Vasilevsky, Kuzmenko – Byvaltsev – Drum;
Antipin – Elesin, Slepyshev – Shalunov – Dergachev;
Pedan – tooth, Telegin – Kadeikin – Ketov (K), Zernov

0:30. We welcome all hockey fans! We are pleased to be able to offer you online broadcasting of another match of the Russian national team of hockey players at Euro Tour. Helsinki Karjala Ilya Vorobyov will meet with Sweden. Kick-off is scheduled for 14:00 in Moscow, but we start broadcasting in advance so that we can get acquainted with different interesting facts.

He was scared for the national team. Russia did not notice the Finnish

Tim Ilya Voroby's okay.

In the first game, the Russians reliably beat the home tournament – 3-0. Our team looked great and the goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin played at zero. The Opponent occasionally overtaken the initiative, but no more. The Division of Ilya Voroby played well, controlled the course of the meeting and earned it. On the other hand, the Swedes were stronger than the Czechs in the game past Prague – 3: 2.

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