Lada Vesta will have a new advantage over foreign cars

AvtoVAZ has found a new way to make Lada Vesta more popular: for all trim levels, including basic trims, it will offer not only a manual transmission but also a CVT. This was reported on the VAZ TV channel by a spokesman for the auto giant Stas Bereziy.

Thanks to this strategy, customers will be able to get a cheap two-pedal car, while competitors-foreign cars (Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris) with automatic machines cost 850 thousand rubles.

In the near future, Vesta will no longer install AMT robotic laptops. Buyers will be able to choose between a traditional manual transmission and a CVT. Now the self-developed robot makes up only 9% of the total sales of this model.

In terms of continuously variable transmission, CVT has become a real hit on the Lada XRAY Cross: it accounts for about 60% of sales! So the Two Slipper Vesta also has a chance of becoming overkill.

Previously, from automatic transmissions, AvtoVAZ offered only a simple (one-clutch) robot worth 25,000 rubles, and for the Grant family, the classic 4-band Jatco automatic was also available for the Grant family. Recall that the XRAY crossover is the first among the Lada models to try the variator.

Similar Jatco units have long been fitted to other Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance models. The main feature of the gearbox is the presence of a two-speed gearbox that facilitates design and reduces size. With an aspirated 1.6-liter HR-16 anchored CVT.

Predicting prices for CVT "Vesta" is very simple. With the VAZ 1.6 engine, the car costs 606,900 rubles, and the Jatco CVT and Nissan engine add 50,000 (this ratio applies to XRAY Cross). This means that the initial car can cost from 650 to 700 thousand rubles.

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