Monday , March 1 2021

Lyubov Uspenskaya began to drink from the lifestyle of her only daughter: Show Business: VladTime

The star of the Russian chancellor told Milan Tulip about his mental torments in the first edition of Soft Power.

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya became the first guest of former female footballer Kerzhakova in her "Soft Power" program. The singer admitted to Milan Tulip that he had even begun to drink from his beloved and only daughter Tatian. The star has done his best to ensure that her heir does not need anything, but the day of separation comes.

Tatiana grew up, became an adult, and wanted independence. Mom did not mind her, and only the child went abroad. But it was impossible to endure this Ouspenskaya until the end, and then alcohol help came. Every day the artist took 50 grams of brandy, after which it became easier.

After a while, the performer overcame her anxieties, but there was another accident. My favorite Tatiana fell off the bike and got serious injuries. She broke her forearm and lost several teeth. Besides, the girl had a sepsu. The singer did not regret the money for her daughter's treatment, but so far no need to talk about full recovery.

Now Tanya lives with her mother. The actress is spending every minute of her free time with a girl and is trying to make her happy every day.

Daria Svetozarova


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